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Welcome to ICGST!

The ICGST is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in its contents and management. It publishes selected papers after careful review based on considerable criteria and, usually, extended revisions. It also publishes other reviewed contributions separately submitted. Currently, only papers submitted in English can be considered for publication in ICGST journals

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Past Conferences

ICGST International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering,

Istanbul, Turkey

From : 19 December 2011 To: 21 December 2011

ICGST International conference on computer science and engineering CSE-11 emphasizes on recent trends of research and development and provides a central forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and vendors from different disciplines to exchange ideas, identify problems, investigate relevant issues, share common interests, explore new approaches, and initiate possible collaborative research and system development. The CSE-11 significantly benefits a wide variety of academic and industrial sectors

The most recent papers (ICGST Repository)

TitlePaper ID
An efficientArtifact Free Denoising Technique for MR Images relying onTotal Variation Thresholding in Wavelet DomainP1151751597
Securing Images on Cloud using Multidimensional ApproachP1151748594
A Precise Technique for Hand Gesture RecognitionP1151733581
Round Robin based Scheduling Algorithms, A Comparative StudyP1111744588
Multi-Sensor Fusion Indoor Security Based on Interval Probability, Extended Kalman Filter and Fuzzy Rules PruningP1111748593
Rotational invariant Real Time Text RecognitionP1151747592
Graphics, Vision and Image Processing Journal, ISSN 1687-398X, Volume 17, Issue 2, Delaware, USA.P1151806605
Automatic Control and System Engineering Journal, Volume 17, Issue 2, ISSN 1687-4811, ICGST LLC, Delaware, USA P1111806606
Video Compression using Efficient Encoding Techniques for Low Bit Rate ApplicationsP1151714561
GreedyHaarSpiker: An Algorithm for In Situ Detection of Highway Lane Boundaries with 1D Haar Wavelet SpikesP1151738585
Advanced D-Partitioning Stability Analysis of Digital Control Systems with Multivariable ParametersP1111733578
Detail Preserving Sorted Difference FilterP1151705543
Automatic Control and System Engineering Journal, Volume 17, Issue 1, ISSN 1687-4811, ICGST LLC, Delaware, USA P1111723572
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Journal, ISSN 1687-4846, Volume 17, Issue 1P1121732577
Graphics, Vision and Image Processing Journal, ISSN 1687-398X, Volume 17, Issue 1P1151733579
Automatic Conversion of Natural Language into Relational Database QueriesP1121716566
Applying Hyper-Fuzzy Extended Kalman Filter to Indoor Security MonitoringP1111713560
Computer Vision in Electronic Beehive Monitoring: In Situ Vision-Based Bee Counting on Langstroth Hive Landing PadsP1151712556
A Hybrid Controller for Inflight Stability and Maneuverability of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Indoor Terrains P1131712557
GA-based Parameter Optimization for Word SegmentationP1121713558