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The ICGST is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in its contents and management. It publishes selected papers after careful review based on considerable criteria and, usually, extended revisions. It also publishes other reviewed contributions separately submitted. Currently, only papers submitted in English can be considered for publication in ICGST journals

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Past Conferences

ICGST International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering,

Istanbul, Turkey

From : 19 December 2011 To: 21 December 2011

ICGST International conference on computer science and engineering CSE-11 emphasizes on recent trends of research and development and provides a central forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and vendors from different disciplines to exchange ideas, identify problems, investigate relevant issues, share common interests, explore new approaches, and initiate possible collaborative research and system development. The CSE-11 significantly benefits a wide variety of academic and industrial sectors

The most recent papers (ICGST Repository)

TitlePaper ID
Algorithmic Comparison for Face Recognition using Symmetry of Histogram FeaturesP1152001674
Practical implementation of FC based GA for Speed Control of Brushless DC MotorP1111814615
Fog Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) Challenges: Computing using Pervasive Distributions P1121946656
Study of the PV Performance in the Egyptian Environment based on GIS, Solar Radiation and Temperature EffectsP1111909650
Hybrid Integration of Euclidean and Geodesic Distance-Based RBF Interpolation for Facial AnimationP1151907646
A Fast Vehicle Visual Self-Localization Algorithm Based on Markov Filter and RLDB Binary Image DescriptorP1111907645
Design of Configurable Automated Processing and Self-Healing System for Efficient Wireless Communication ModuleP1111849643
Practical implementation of FC based PSO for Speed Control of Brushless DC MotorP1121814616
Machine Learning based Multilevel Feedback Queue SchedulingP1121835636
A Novel Binary Image Descriptor for Visual Localization Relying on Scene MatchingP1151847640
Performance Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms for Independent TasksP1121908647
Optimized Interference Cancelation based Stepped-Trapezoidal Notched UWB AntennaP1181908648
Data Extraction using Professional Web ScrapingP1111821623
A Survey on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Techniques for Liver Surgical Operations and TrainingP1151826627
In Situ Detection of Highway Lane Boundaries: GreedyHaarSpiker vs. SlopeInterceptFilter: A Comparison of Two Lane Boundary Detection AlgorithmsP1151827629
Applying Support Vector Machine and AdaBoost Method to Ordinal Classification ProblemP1111818619
Classification of Textures Based on Multi-Block Local Texton Feature ModelP1151813614
A Single Image Super-Resolution Algorithm using Maximum Noise Fraction TransformP1151811611
Bayesian Early Mode Decision Technique for Multiview Video CodingP1151811613